Vandalism Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vandalism / Malicious Destruction of Property

Vandalism Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vandalism is taken very seriously by the legal system, and can result in very stiff penalties and even jail time in cases of conviction.

If you are facing vandalism charges in Las Vegas, you need to contact a local lawyer who knows how cases like yours are handled in Las Vegas courts, and who can protect your rights.

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Vandalism: Definition

Vandalism in general can be defined as a "deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property". NRS 206.310 states, "Every person who shall willfully or maliciously destroy or injure any real or personal property of another, for the destruction or injury of which no special punishment is otherwise specially prescribed, shall be guilty of a public offense proportionate to the value of the property affected or the loss resulting from such offense."

Vandalism: Examples

Examples of vandalism offenses include:

  • Breaking windows
  • Keying someone else's car
  • Smashing a mailbox
  • Destroying graves
  • Damage someone’s personal property
  • Spraying graffiti on government building, places of worship (churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques) or schools
  • Destroying road signs or billboards
  • Destroying historical sites and natural monuments

All of this is called an act of vandalism and considered a crime.

Vandalism and Cyber Crime

The new form of vandalism is computer crime or cybercrime. Distributing malicious software, computer viruses over the Internet, breaching Internet security is an act of vandalism and is prosecuted in any state, including Nevada.

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Vandalism Charges: Penalty

According NRS 206 and 381, “Unless a greater penalty is provided by a specific statute and except as otherwise provided in NRS 381.225, any person violating any of the provisions of NRS 381.195 to 381.227, inclusive, is guilty of a misdemeanor.” However, in some cases if the damage is over $5,000 it can be a felony.

Nevada vandalism penalties may include fines, community service, and spending time in local jail in addition to mandatory counseling and driver’s license suspension. The person may also require to clean-up, repair or replace the damaged property.

In general, if the penalty depends on the amount of property damage caused.

Property Damage Charges
$0 - $500 Misdemeanor
Over $5,000 Felony

Vandalism Charges: Defenses

There are legal defenses available to fight vandalism charges. Here are a few that could be used to protect you:

  • It happened by accident without any malicious intention
  • It was an act of creative expression with consent (in case of graffiti)
  • The defendant had an alibi
  • There are no eye witnesses
  • The evidence against the defendant is inadmissible in court

Vandalism vs. Breaking and Entering / Home Invasion

The home invasion / breaking and entering involve the illegal entry of an individual into an occupied home, apartment, trailer, business or residence with the intent to commit a crime of robbery or another felony crime. Breaking and entering or home invasion is different from vandalism, even so breaking and entering can involve vandalism crimes in addition to other crimes. You will find more information about home invasion in our "Breaking and Entering" article.

Vandalism vs. Burglary

Vandalism is different from burglary. The burglary is entering a structure with the intent to commit a crime, while vandalism involves the malicious destruction of another person’s property. Nevada burglary laws defined in NRS Chapter 205.060. Read our article "Burglary Charges in Nevada" for more information on burglary charges.

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Vandalism vs. Robbery

Vandalism is different from robbery. Robbery is the use of force or the threat of force to steal another person’s property. NRS Chapter 200.380 explains Nevada robbery laws. Our article "Robbery Charges in Nevada" covers robbery crimes.

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