Robbery Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Criminal Charge for Robbery

Robbery Charges in Las Vegas, Nevada

Robbery or armed robbery is a very serious charge in Nevada and the prosecuting attorney will take all measures to get the maximum allowed by law punishments. Without proper representation it is very difficult get robbery charges reduced.

If you find yourself accused of a robbery, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney at Heshmati & Associates to discuss your rights under Nevada law.

Definition of Robbery

The NRS Chapter 200.380 defines robbery as "the unlawful taking of personal property from the person of another, or in the person’s presence, against his or her will, by means of force or violence or fear of injury." In many robbery cases the accused is facing claims that force was used to retain possession of the property, force was used as a preventive measure, and force was used to facilitate escape.

Robbery Charges: Sentencing

Classification Penalty
Category B Felony Imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 2 years and a maximum term of not more than 15 years

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Robbery Charges and Concurrent Sentence

The robbery charges in Nevada are classified as a Category B Felony, but if there are convictions for other charges, this sentence may run concurrent or consecutive. A concurrent sentence will run while the other sentences for the other charges are also running. This makes a concurrent sentence preferable if the judge is sentencing a defendant for multiple convictions and one of them is a robbery charge.

Aggregated Robbery Charges

The robbery charges can be elevated or aggregated. If the defendant used or possessed a deadly weapon (gun, knife or other deadly weapon) during the robbery, the judge in Nevada may consider to double the sentence.

Other things that can elevate the robbery charge include:

  • The victim was a retired person, or
  • The victim was disabled and/or mentally challenged.

Mitigating Factor

While the aggravated factors can elevate the penalty, the mitigating factors can reduce the charges. Example of mitigating factors would be if the defendant returned the stolen property or the defendant had no prior criminal record.

Aggravated Robbery Charges

Aggravated robbery means the robber was armed with a deadly weapon and had an accomplice.

Aggravated Robbery and Probation

If you are convicted of aggravated robbery in Nevada, the ability to get any kind of probation is very limited.

Conspiracy of Robbery Charges

In Nevada you can be convicted of conspiracy by agreeing with another person to commit a crime, even if no further steps are taken.

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Defenses for Robbery Charges

Common defenses to the charge of robbery may include:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Misunderstanding of the situation
  • Lack of evidence
  • The defendant was forced to commit the robbery under duress
  • The defendant has a good alibi

The robbery charge is one that requires an attorney to look at all the facts to determine lawful ownership of the property and, unlike larceny, to consider the actions taken obtaining such property.

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