What Our Clients Are Saying

"I would like to thank this Attorney for his free consultation for my man’s 2nd DV. Not only had I gone to him at the last minute. But he sat and listen to me and gave me all the advice I needed.

First attorney gave me what can happen and how bad it could be and my mind was not at Ease and on top of that he wanted to charge me $5,000.

Attorney Parviz A. Heshmati didn’t take the money and didn’t approach me about how much I can pay him!!! His Advice to me to wait and see what will take place with the trial first, and also gave me 2 options what can happen and my mind was at EASE when I left his office.

It was a blessing. I didn’t know what to believe and thought about the worst case after seeing Attorney Parviz I was able to sleep and prayed about the current situation! Trial took place today and the case is dismissed/closed … I would highly recommend this attorney to EVERYONE."

Phoukhan, AVVO Review, Las Vegas, NV.

"I cannot say enough about this attorney [Parviz Heshmati]. He "listen" unlike the other lawyers I shopped around with. He explained, he executed and we won. I have used him twice now and HIGHLY recommend him to all."

Craig B., Yelp Review, Las Vegas, NV.

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"Parviz Heshmati is one of the best lawyers in the Country. I call him every time I have any issue and would not hesitate to refer him any type of case of any size. If you need anything, the Heshmati & Associates Law Offices is there for you."

William, AVVO Review, Las Vegas, NV.

"[Parviz] is a great lawyer! He knew exactly how to handle my drug possession. Ultimately got it dismissed which saved me from losing my job."

Lori, AVVO Review, Las Vegas, NV.

"You did a very good job on my case and I would refer you anybody that needs a very good attorney. Thank you so much for the help."

Michael D., Google+ Review, Las Vegas, NV

"Hired for family member who ran into some trouble in Las Vegas. I found them to be very competent and professional. The case was resolved quickly in line with what was told to us at the time we retained him. I am very happy with the service I received."

Anonymous Google+ Review, Las Vegas, NV

"Great outcome! Parviz was very understanding and his staff was warm. My case got dismissed just like he said it would. Excellent!"

Brian, Drug Possession Charges, AVVO Review, 5 Stars Rating, Las Vegas, NV

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What Other Attorneys Are Saying

"I endorse Mr. Heshmati as an attorney and colleague as he has always shown himself to be an aggressive and effective advocate inside and outside of the courtroom."

Christopher Patrick Ford, Divorce & Separation Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

"I have been fortunate to know Parviz for many years. He is a skilled criminal defense attorney and a zealous advocate for his clients."

Cal Potter, Personal Injury Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

"Parviz is an extraordinary criminal defense attorney. This can only be achieved by practicing in the field for years. I have known Parviz since he was licensed 7 years ago and he has been a criminal defense attorney since then, and since then he has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of criminal matters.

Parviz has an encyclopedic knowledge of all matters relating to defense work and has handled all manner of cases, from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies.

Most importantly, he has a passion for his clients that shows in the superior results he achieves for them. I would unhesitatingly endorse this attorney for criminal defense."

Alex Ghibaudo, Divorce & Separation Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

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